🤩10 Websites to get free Developer Swags doing NOTHING

🤩10 Websites to get free Developer Swags doing NOTHING

Who doesn't loves free products and that too some Developer swag. What I personally think is that 90% of Developer never buy stickers for their laptop they just get it for free from somewhere. And it's true actually 🤣🤣. So here in this post I have got some website which will give you some developer swags for free or by just doing simple tasks.


Swag: Squishy Ball

Tasks to do: Post an awesome rant that gets over 750 ++'s

After doing the tasks you just gotta mail to with:

1) Your email address

2) Your name and physical address

Now Enjoy with the Squishy Ball


Swag: Tshirt and Stickers

Tasks to do: To make pull request to Erxes repo.


Swag: T-shirt

Tasks to do: Gets 1 Pull Request accepted

After your Pull Request gets accepted, then you gotta fill this form up (goo.gl/forms/5w6mxLaE4tz2YM0L2)


Swag: Stickers

Tasks to do: Migrate your website to Docusaurus

This is a task that requires at least a few hours of commitment (can be more, depending on the website) and it targeted at people who want to learn more about Docusaurus and Open Source.


Swag: Stickers

Tasks to do: Nothing

You just have to give your address and each week they pick upto 100 entries ad give out stockers, shipped to anywhere in the world for free.


Swag: Cool Alligator Stickers

Tasks to do: Write a Blog post

Alligator.io is developing and they are searching for colleagues to think of some magnificent front-end advancement posts.

Here are a portion of the subjects choices you can compose on:

  • Vue.js
  • Angular
  • Preact
  • React
  • React Native


Swag: Stickers

Tasks to do: Nothing

You’ll need to fill out the Google form with your name and address, and they will send you a few sticker on our next mail out. Google form link -> ( docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQ_PflKva.. )


Swag: Stickers

Tasks to do: Nothing

The quickest method to construct type safe web applications. IHP is another included web structure enhanced for longterm efficiency and software engineer satisfaction


Swag: Bot Stickers

Tasks to do: To install there bot on your repo

ImgBOT iS a Github app that optimizes your images.

Dev Podcast Review

Swag: Stickers

Tasks to do: To give review of DevDiscuss or Devnews on Apple Podcasts

DevDiscuss is the unique podcast from DEV.to community, a worldwide local area of programming engineers, everything being equal, and experience levels. The show covers consuming themes that sway the day by day lives of developers and past, facilitated by Forem Co-Founders, Ben Halpern and Jess Lee.


Swag: Swags from here (store.gatsbyjs.org) depends on Tier.

Tasks to do: everyone who contributes to Gatsby

  • Tier 1 swag includes most items $10 and under
  • Tier 2 swag includes most items $26 and under

Enjoy wearing your swag and flexing on Twitter and in the DEV Community. If you know any other websites giving free swag please add so in the comments.

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